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* Studio 1

(400sqm / height 11m / chroma 18m x 7m) accessible by trucks; all time generator

* Studio 2

(100sqm / height 3.6m / chroma 7m x 3.6m)



* 3D Animation - CGI Rendering



* Recording Studio:

Fully high-end equipped; Music composition (commercials and documentaries); Sound design Mixing & Mastering, VO recording and dubbing.

Voice over Link


* Set building:

Quality, price and speed for your set designs. A carpentry shop, variety of backgrounds and a full-time building crew; One of the most experienced special effects team.

* Casting:

more than 21000 potential talents in our library including men, women, children, and special characters

* Wardrobe & Props

Big variety of women’s, men’s, kids, “aabayas” of all sizes, and accessories.